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15th Annual Bass Tournament

September 10, 2016
Pickwick Landing State Park, TN
$5000 Guaranteed 1st place
$1000 Guaranteed Big Bass
$500 Guaranteed Big Smallmouth
Triton Gold, Phoenix First Flight and Skeeter Real money Sanctioned up to $7000**
Winner could potentially win $14,500+ * **

2016 Contingency Programs

Pays up to $7,000 extra. See Triton's website for more details.

Pays up to $500 extra. See Phoenix's website for more details.

Pays up to $3000 extra. See Skeeter's website for more details.

See BCB Forum for more details.

Details about tournament:

  • Buddy tournament benefitting the Darryl Worley Foundation
  • $200 Entry per boat (If registering online, there is a $6 service charge)
  • 5 Bass Limit (15" Min. length across board)
  • *NEW* Blastoff order is determined by date your entry fee is received.
  • Mandatory meeting September 9, 2016 at Pickwick Landing State Park for all participants.
  • Check-in from 4-5:45AM, Blast off around 6AM or safelight (if later), and flighted weigh-in starts at 3PM
  • Goodie Bags for all who pre-register.
  • Raffle items, one of which is Darryl Worley Autographed Guitar
  • Hammer Rods "Guess the Winning Weight" contest for a chance to win a NEW Winn Grip Hammer Rod

2015 Results

Congratulations to our 2014 Winners!!
Tim Looney and Kevin Wright 
26.73 lbs with Big Fish of 8.70!!!
They won $6000 !!!!

2nd Place - Dana Rhea and Ben Webb 25.01 lbs

3rd Place - Michael Wooley and Kyle Lewellen 24.10 lbs

4th Place - Randy Vires and Ron Cheek 22.28 lbs

5th Place - Brandon Perkins and Justin Atkins 22.06 lbs

6th Place - Chris Whitehead and Marshall Stevens 21.47 lbs

Big Smallmouth - Cal Clark 5.00 lbs & $500

Thank you to everyone who fished, volunteered and supported The Worley! 
The event was a huge success and would not have been with out your help

Kid's First Fishing Tournament and Cookout

*Based on $5000 guaranteed win, $1000 guaranteed big bass, $500 guaranteed big smallmouth and $7000 Triton Gold Contingency and $1000 fundraising sidepot (Must be registered with Triton Gold program with a 2013 or newer Triton with a 250HP before tournament starts, be fishing from the Triton in the tournament and win the tournament to be eligible to win $7000)(Please consult contingency program website for more details)

**Guarantee Payout is based on 100 boats or less. If more than 100 boats, payout will increase based on payout percentages. For exact percentages, please contact Tournament Director

Benefitting the Darryl Worley Foundation. Learn more at


pickwick landing state park, tn